The wheel of time

The „Hofmühle“ is a museum in Immenstadt, in the Allgäu Region in the South of Germany, housing a significant art collection and exhibition on the regional economic history. As part of the museum’s education program “Zukunftsmaschine” (“machines of the future”) children learn about the industrialisation and working conditions of the past and get to explore the meaning of environmental protection and sustainability. Pre-schoolers and school children create and build sustainable “machines of the future” using recycled packaging materials to get an understanding of our consumer behaviour and its impact on the environment.

monta supports this initiative by donating adhesive tape. Especially the coloured PVC tape, that unwinds easily, is very popular with the young creative talent. Carolin Keim, curator of the Museum Hofmühle, is very excited: “Building “Machines of the Future” is always a highlight. It’s a real pleasure to watch the great enthusiasm and delight of the children when crafting machines of the future”. 

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