Meet Fred Kremer, a real adhesive tape connoisseur and long-time employee at monta. Prior to joining monta as Head of Production in 2000, Mr. Kremer spent 11 years at 3M where he was in charge of decorative films. Mr. Kremer is married and father of three daughters. When not at work he enjoys swimming, reading a good book or doing gardening.
Mr. Kremer, you have been with monta as Head of Production for almost 20 years and just recently, in September last year, you’ve taken on Product Development, Quality Assurance and Technical Customer Support. That’s a wide area of responsibility.

F. Kremer: That’s true. Although it has always been part of my role. However, due to an increased demand for technical support from our customers, and the growing significance of quality assurance and product development, a separate position was created.

Quality assurance must be an important part for manufacturing companies. What’s your key to achieve the renowned monta-quality?

F. Kremer: Our own laboratory as well as our highly skilled and motivated colleagues: They ensure that any factors that might potentially impact our quality level are recognized early and eliminated entirely. We have also set ourselves the ambitious target to manufacture the best quality adhesive tape in the world, which presents new challenges and opportunities every day.

Assuming you have the same aspiration for your technical customer support, what sets monta apart from others?

F. Kremer: You’re right, we aim to provide valuable service for our customers. Often I visit our customers or their customers to understand their needs and to find the best monta solution. This often includes elaborate trials at monta, which at times even lead to new products with specific benefits to our customers.

Which leads us to the third part of your new role: Product development. They don’t just happen by chance, do they?

F. Kremer: Of course not. Apart from customer specific new products we always work to optimise our existing products, e.g. our monta 250, a true classic and one of my favourites. A great tape, ideal for printing, and thanks to our ongoing improvements very popular and versatile in its use.

Is there anything you have always wanted to tell your customers?

F. Kremer: Let me think about it for a second: First of all, I would like to thank our customers but also my colleagues for their ongoing support and the great partnership we experience every day. To our valued customers I would like to say: Please talk to us before you start any developments or changes, the sooner we get involved the faster we can find a suitable solution for you.

Thank you for your time, Mr. Kremer.

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