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Our reliable adhesive tapes and comprehensive customer service provide you with solutions for your packaging and individual production needs. Tapes that work, save time and reduce cost.


Packaging Distributor

With our extensive product range of high-end adhesive tapes you can offer professional solutions tailored to your customers needs.



For a smooth, efficient printing process we offer adhesive tapes that meet all your requirements on surface, colour and quality. Even for high speed lines!



Your production requires adhesive tape you can rely on, for optimum efficiency and high output. monta has a great range of products for you.


Packaging machine manufacturer

Packaging machines require adhesive tapes that unwind easily and run smoothly on your machine. When storing goods at minus degrees specific adhesive tapes are needed to ensure a reliable carton closure. For your thermoforming packaging machine we manufacture a unique splicing tape that can be applied manually or automatically.


Industry End-User 

Our adhesive tapes ensure smooth operation in the packaging area and your individual production steps. For more reliability!