The efficiency of monta is also reflected in the sustainability of its actions in all operational areas. Sustainability at monta translates into a company policy that is ecologically compatible, socially just and economically efficient.

Thus, monta develops innovative and efficient solutions that preserve resources, material and the environment while respecting human rights.

Our processes are aligned with the different areas of sustainability. In the field of environmental protection, we are committed to keeping the environmental impact of our operations as low as possible. We have therefore set ourselves environmental objectives, such as energy savings, resource efficiency, recycling quotas, the use of raw materials and the prevention and recycling of waste. Diversity, social responsibility and ethics build the core values for subject matters related to our workforce.
The sales and procurement markets also have an impact on the sustainability of a company, which, at monta, translate into a responsible supply chain and the development of environmentally friendly products.

Our sustainability goals and implemented measures are regularly audited by an external, independent institute. monta carries the following certificates:

More detailed information on how the different aspects of sustainability are implemented at monta is available below.

If you have further questions about sustainability, quality, environmental or energy management at monta, please contact us by EMAIL.


Due to the growing global expansion of our company, the worldwide implementation of and compliance with rules of conduct are of elementary importance.

„We define conscientious actions as adhering strictly to the principles of transparency, reliability and fairness in all of our transactions. Inherent to this is full compliance with all applicable legal systems, laws and regulations. But that on its own is not sufficient. We seek to improve our performance and our public reputation at all times. For this purpose, we regularly review our performance and set ourselves ambitious targets that help us become a company that is committed to sustainability. The monta Group does not engage in transactions without considering their wider implications. “(cited from monta Code of Conduct)

By implementing compliance-specific frameworks, rules are clearly and transparently defined. To meet our responsibilities, we have implemented formal policies and measures that address the three following core topics:

/ corruption

/ anti-competitive practices and

/ responsible marketing.

Our Code of Conduct, as well as the monta Compliance and Anti-Corruption Policy address the key areas of anti-corruption, conflict of interest, fraud, money laundering, anti-competitive practices and information security. Furthermore, we have implemented a procedure that regulates the handling of potentially critical issues such as gifts and travel, which ensures responsible action.

With regard to the trust of our business partners and employees, we take information security very seriously: The handling of personal and sensitive data follows established guidelines. By appointing an external data protection officer and an internal data protection coordinator, we ensure compliance with all applicable, legal requirements and a proactive internal, cross-functional communication on current topics.

Our employees are trained in all these areas to ensure compliance with our guidelines.

For any questions or concerns regarding compliance at monta our Compliance Officers can be contacted directly by email:



Motivated, qualified employees are indispensable to our corporate success. Long-term employee loyalty, safe working conditions, proactive health management as well as attractive remuneration with social benefits and further and advanced training are an integral part of our corporate policy.

As an employer, we attach great importance to the promotion and development of our specialists and managers and actively promote internal promotion opportunities and further training, as well as the compatibility of work and family. As a member of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce we are a qualified training organisation, enabling us to train our own junior staff. New employees are intensively trained and supervised.

Open two-way communication is a core element of our staff management. In regular departmental meetings, staff appraisals and staff meetings, direct exchange with colleagues, superiors and the management is practised.

We see diversity in our workforce as a success factor, which is why we employ people from different backgrounds, with diverse, differentiated skills and experience.

All employees are called upon to promote an atmosphere of respectful cooperation and to oppose any discrimination as well as child and forced labour.

Occupational health and safety is one of our core corporate values, which is why we ensure a safe and healthy working environment for our workforce. To prevent accidents and occupational diseases, we train our employees on safety topics and have implemented a company health management system with regular company medical examinations and individual prevention and precautionary measures.


As a manufacturing company, it is our responsibility to minimise the environmental impact of our activities as far as possible, whether in production, administration, or with regards to the disposal of our adhesive tapes at the end of their life.

We have been living up to this responsibility for many years and have formalised our guidelines in our environmental policy.

In addition to the legal requirements, which are an integral part of our environmental policy, we also set ourselves annual targets with measurable KPIs. These include energy and water consumption, waste and CO2 emissions, and are measured and communicated internally at the end of the reporting period.


Energy & CO2 Emissions

monta has an effective energy management system. We fulfil the requirements of DIN ISO 50001 by a dynamic model for continuous improvement of processes and systems. This ensures that the current energy consumption is continuously recorded, evaluated and optimised.

Our energy management system coordinates measures to increase efficiency. To detect possible deviations, limit values are defined to allow the initiation of counter measures at an early stage.
It supports the expansion of systems and processes to improve their energy efficiency, and thus contributes to reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

For all replacement investments and repairs, care is taken to choose the most environmentally and energy-friendly alternative.

Efficient Use of Resources

We comply with the legal requirements of the German Waste Management Act and further, are always on the lookout for higher-quality disposal routes to promote recycling and reuse for certain fractions.

To improve the sustainability in this area, our employees are trained regularly in waste prevention, recycling rates and disposal.

Since the German Packaging Act came into force on 1.1.2020, we have assumed our share of the recycling costs through the German Dual Systems for all volumes sold in the domestic market.

To comply with local and transnational environmental regulations, we have implemented a process to prevent local and accidental pollution. In this regard, monta is also actively supported by the monta works fire brigade.

Our tapes are coated with natural rubber adhesive, a solvent based adhesive technology. To ensure a resource-saving and environmentally friendly production, the solvent is recovered and reused through a state-of-the-art recovery system, thus guaranteeing a closed system at our production site.


Responsible Use & Protection of Water

Water is a valuable resource. According to the German Water Resources Act (§6 WHG), sustainable water management must ensure a high level of protection for the environment. Being a manufacturing company, this is of particular concern to us, and it is our duty to protect water as a resource, both by using it sparingly and by dealing with waste water responsibly.

At monta, the water vapour required for solvent recovery is purified via an internal circulation system and flows back into our production. The required quantities of water are continuously monitored and documented.


Customer Health & Safety

When used as intended, self-adhesive tape does not pose a health hazard. During production, we comply with legal regulations and only use approved raw materials.

For the safety of our customers, we prepare technical data sheets which communicate technical data on the adhesive tape as well as areas of application. These are easily accessible via the product finder on our homepage.


monta attaches great importance to sustainable procurement, including the selection of suppliers, raw materials, and procurement channels. We always comply, and exceed where possible, with legal requirements on environmental protection.

When selecting suppliers, ecological, social and economic factors are taken into account. This is verified by requesting certifications, a sustainable supply chain, eco-friendly input materials and the commitment of our suppliers to comply with our Code of Conduct.

The adoption and integration of social responsibility principles is another important aspect of procurement. Therefore, our suppliers are required to comply with the minimum requirements of health and safety, human rights, ethical and environmental standards.

Driven by our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, we are always looking to replace raw materials and goods with more environmentally friendly alternatives.


Our actions in the field of environmental protection and occupational health and safety not only have an impact on people who are directly or indirectly involved in our production. The families of our employees, nearby industrial sites and residential areas, as well as society in general, have a stake in us taking our responsibilities seriously and performing it to the best of our abilities.

Safety has a very high priority in our company. Due to the handling and storage of hazardous substances, and for the unlikely event of an incident, we provide important safety information for neighbouring companies and private individuals in the "Information for the Public" digital brochure.

For us, sustainability also means assuming social responsibility at our site. We are aware of our duty to protect our natural habitat, and we are also committed to promoting and fostering friendly relationships in our local area and contributing and adding value to the local development.

Every year, we support local schools and kindergartens with donations in kind. In addition, in lieu of sending customer gifts at Christmas, we donate to charitable institutions that support local families in difficult situations.

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