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NEW: monta Colour Line – Uniquely coloured

monta Colour Line is a new generation of coloured adhesive tapes and an innovative alternative to tapes with coloured PVC film.

This new monta development benefits from a smooth surface and high transparency of its novel smart-PVC carrier. The newly developed Pigment Plus+ Technology allows for the precise pigmentation of its natural rubber adhesive, creating a coloured adhesive tape with unique optics and shine.

monta Colour Line combines the strengths of a PVC tape with an appealing colour, making it a great print medium with good processability. It also benefits from our Easy Unwind Technology ensuring it is quiet and easy to unwind.

Designed for a durable and reliable closure of light to medium heavy cartons, it is perfectly suited as a bold and attractive advertising medium, and ideal for marking and colour coding.

Colour Line adhesive tapes are available in red, yellow, dark blue and green as monta Colour Line 7150 in all common dimensions as hand and printers rolls:


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