As a German manufacturer and one of the world’s leading providers of innovative adhesive tapes, monta looks back on more than 50 years of experience in the adhesive tape industry whose origins go back to 1855. With our 140 employees, we produce adhesive tapes based on natural rubber at our production site in Immenstadt, in southern Germany.

We are always interested in qualified technical and managerial staff since our employees are the key to success.


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Working at monta

Who we are & what we offer

Deeply rooted in the Allgäu, monta is a forward-thinking and internationally focused company with customers, suppliers and subsidiaries worldwide.

As an employer with flat hierarchies, we offer entrepreneurial activities with significant leeway for creativity and possibilities for development. We actively promote internal opportunities for advancement and further education as well as work/life balance with flexible work time models. We are an authorized training facility of the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and train our junior staff in the commercial field ourselves. As a member in the Bavarian Textile and Garment Industry Employers’ Association (vtb), we offer you attractive compensation with company pension and annual bonuses, as well as additional attractive employee benefits. We are JobRad, SpenditCard and corporate benefits partners.

Our values & culture

Sustainability is firmly anchored in the corporate strategy of the monta group. We ensure a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and strive to achieve continuous improvements in the area of environmental protection. To us, sustainability also means assuming social responsibility at our site.

Occupational health and safety are among our central company values. We are responsible for them and in doing so, act as a role model. To prevent accidents and occupational illnesses, we train our employees and ensure that they – also in the interest of others – consistently follow all relevant safety regulations.

Environmental protection is of central importance to us. Natural raw materials are the basis of our business operations. Only when we are able to safeguard these raw materials and handle them with care can we meet our own needs and those of future generations.

Climate protection is a key topic in the monta group: We continuously strive to reduce emissions as well as the use of fossil fuels.
We are aware of our social responsibility, cultivate and promote good relationships at our site, and contribute to value creation locally. We consider diversity in our workforce to be a factor for success. For this reason, we focus on an even balance of personalities, skills and experiences in our teams.

Where we work

Our head office is located in Immenstadt in the picturesque Allgäu at the foot of the Mittag mountain, an attractive place with a variety of recreational opportunities. Our two subsidiaries in Budaörs, Hungary & Targu Mures, Romania complement our international business.

Starting at monta


Are you at the start of your career path and looking for training which offers you exciting prospects and opportunities for development? Then you’ve found the right place at monta. Start your training with us to become an industrial business management assistant.

Here you will find a varied and diversified training program to provide you with the best qualifications. Along with a comprehensive training program, you can in particular also expect an ongoing transfer of knowledge through intensive support and supervision throughout your training.

monta offers you targeted support throughout the training program, an open corporate culture, a family-like environment and shared values as an ideal foundation for a successful and fulfilling professional life.

Anyone who wants to learn how to become an industrial business management assistant should:

  • have a solid command of German orthography
  • have an interest in economic interactions
  • work meticulously and carefully
  • enjoy working in a team and be able to interact well with people
  • have good organizational skills

    For this skilled occupation, we require the "mittlere Reife" (German school-leaving certificate) at a minimum.
    Would you like to learn more? Our human resources experts would be happy to provide you with more information!

Internships & final theses

Do you want to write your bachelor’s or master’s thesis at monta? We would be pleased to discuss your personal topic proposal together with you.

What is the use of theoretical knowledge if one cannot apply it? We offer you the possibility of gaining initial experience as part of a work experience or student internship in the commercial and technical field. We will individually coordinate the target date and duration of your internship as well as the exact content together with you.

Every year, during our company vacation in August, there is also the option of supplementing vacation funds with a vacation job at monta. We are seeking hardworking temporary staff as support for our maintenance, cleaning and repair work in the production area.

Do you have any questions or would you like to submit an application? We would love to hear from you.

University graduates

Get started with us. Have you successfully completed your training or education and are you looking for a job where you can gain initial work experience and continue to grow even further? At monta, you will receive extensive initial training and support. In addition, with individually coordinated continuing education and advanced training programs, we offer diverse possibilities for your personal career development.

A listing of open positions can be found

Do you have any questions? We would be delighted to hear from you.


Do you already have solid professional experience and are you looking for a new career challenge? From product development to production to management, we offer exciting and challenging assignments at all career levels. At the same time, you have the ideal opportunity for further development, since we emphasize promotion and development of our technical and managerial personnel. You will find the ideal conditions here for reaching your personal goals together with us. We would be delighted for you to bring your know-how, your ideas and your enthusiasm into our company. Have a look around our job board for your suitable entry at monta.

Jobs & applications

Job opportunities


Haven't found the right position amongst our job opportunities?

You are also welcome to send us an expression of interest, indicating in which area at monta you would like to contribute your knowledge. Please send your application to

Application tips & TRICKS

We are pleased that you are interested in working at monta. Here we would like to give you a few tips which make it easier for us to process your application and increase your chances of employment with us. 


Before you start to prepare your application documents, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What can I do?
  • Which of my skills can I use in the position I am seeking?
  • What do I want to do?

The more honestly you answer the above questions regarding an application and the better you meet the requirements stated in the job description, the more likely it is that your application will be successful. What is important is that you are truly convinced that the job and monta as a company are right for you.  

This self-analysis is also very helpful in a later interview. The more realistic and reflective you are, the more authentic and convincing you will appear to your interviewer. 

It is of course helpful if applicants gather information beforehand about their employer of choice and the corporate culture.

Cover letter

We obtain an initial impression of you through your cover letter. This letter should highlight your particular skills and experiences which are relevant for our open position. An individual reference to our company and our position is more engaging than general phrases. It is also important to use concise statements and remain authentic. For this reason, you should use a maximum of one page (DIN A4) to highlight your skills and motivation for us. 

In addition, you should state the following in your cover letter, at a minimum: 

  • Where you heard about our job advertisement (newspaper, online portal, monta homepage, etc.) 
  • Your salary requirements and 
  • Your availability.

Selection procedure

You may apply for any open position via our email address: Every application is then personally reviewed by our human resources experts and the respective department. In this way, we ensure that we do not overlook any important details. You can expect to receive an initial response regarding your application within 2 to 4 weeks after we receive your application. After an initial screening, we invite the eligible candidates to a personal interview with the human resources recruiter and the supervisor of the respective department. In the personal interview, the prospective employee usually already has the opportunity to meet several colleagues and gain an impression of the workplace. Here, we present ourselves as monta to the prospective employee. 

In some cases, the first interview is followed by another interview after the candidates have been narrowed down further. 

After this, the final selection of the new employee(s) is made. If both sides agree, all other candidates are finally informed.


Are all jobs on the monta homepage current?
All of our job opportunities at are updated daily and contain only open positions.

Which documents and papers do I need to apply at monta? 
Along with your cover letter, please enclose a tabular résumé/CV, training certificates and employment references and, if available, certificates for individual additional qualifications (stays abroad, personal references).


Can I also apply by mail or email? 
Applying is only possible by email at


How long does the application process take?
Since we review your application documents carefully, we cannot provide a general answer. However, we will send you a message once we have received your application. You will be sent additional intermediate messages to let you know about the current status of your application. Please also read the information about the application procedure.

Which entry-level opportunities are there for university graduates? 
We offer direct entry for university graduates. Current offers can be found here.

What starting salaries do university graduates receive?
The starting salary is based on the position and the pay scale grouping of this position. 


May I also send an unsolicited application to monta?
If you do not find any appropriate position, you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application. 


May I apply for multiple positions at the same time?
We review your application for all open positions and multiple applications are therefore unnecessary. 


Does it increase the chances of my application if I call monta?
No, a telephone call has no effect on the selection procedure. However, we would be pleased to answer specific questions if they are important for your application. All other questions will be answered in detail during the interview.

May I speak directly to monta employees about my opportunities at monta? 
Of course! Ms. Julia Sinz would be pleased to answer your questions and she can be reached at tel. +49 8323 915 145. In addition, you may also ask questions in writing via an email to We would be pleased to provide you with information. 

May I reapply if I have already received a rejection?
You may of course reapply at any time. However, if you already had an interview at monta, we recommend that you first obtain feedback from your last interviewer from the human resources department. 


If I receive a rejection, will I be informed of the reason for this?
After an interview, your interviewer from the human resources department will gladly give you feedback on the interview. We are unfortunately unable to give you any detailed information in the case of direct rejections without an interview. 

Who can help me if I cannot find the right answer on the career pages?
Call +49 8323 / 915-145 to speak with Ms. Julia Sinz, who can answer your questions personally or – if necessary – direct you to the person who can help you. 


How is data privacy handled at monta?
All information and data which you provide to monta will be handled according to the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act. Personal information and thus all applicant data transmitted to us are used confidentially and only for application purposes. You can find our data privacy policy here.

Your direct contact with us


Ms. Julia Sinz
Human Resources Specialist
Tel: +49 8323 915 145

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