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The NEW monta paper tape

Reliability and performance combined with resource-efficiency: monta’s new paper adhesive tape convinces with optimized features.
Its strong paper carrier is made from chlorine-free (ECF) bleached pulp sourced from sustainable forestry. Coated at our production site in Germany, with our new formula of natural rubber adhesive, this tape impresses with significantly higher immediate tack and adhesive strength. Even when applied in a single layer, the new monta paper tape reliably seals light to medium heavy cardboard boxes. Additionally, it works perfectly for sealing mail bags, pouches and cartons. Its low material usage reduces waste, saves money and time.

The latest addition to our monta Greenline range is silicone free, free from synthetic plastics and can easily be recycled with the carton. As a strong and plastic-free alternative to filmic tapes, it is the perfect choice for anyone looking for mono-material packaging solutions, including packaging retailers, printers, industrial users, contract packers, office supplies, manufacturers of organic products, green e-commerce and many more.

The possible applications are diverse due to our new paper adhesive tape being not only particularly reliable but also moisture and weather resistant. After application at room temperature, it is temperature resistant up to 60°C short-term. Being used as a sustainable advertising medium, our innovation provides a brilliant and clear print image, also with waterbased ink.

Our innovative paper adhesive tape is reliable and offers good weatherability as well as resistance to humidity, which opens up a wide range of possible uses. It can withstand short-term temperatures of up to 60°C after application at room temperature. Our new tape offers a sharp and clear print image, also with water-based ink, making it a viable medium for sustainable advertising.

The new monta paper adhesive tape is available in two versions: For particularly high-quality print results, monta 852 with its white adhesive on pure white paper is best suited. When aspiring a more natural look, monta 843 combines a brown backing and transparent adhesive.
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