Fit for future: The monta paper tape

Our new generation Green line self-adhesive paper tape is made of 65% renewable resources, and is a silicone free alternative to adhesive tapes with synthetic backings. The paper carrier originates from sustainable forestry and is coated with our unique natural rubber adhesive with excellent tack. As just one single layer of tape ensures a reliable carton closure, it is the perfect choice for sealing light to medium heavy cartons as well as envelopes, bags and boxes. This paper tape is particularly well suited for printing, making it ideal for marketing and for information purposes. 

Its low noise and smooth unwinding properties make the new monta paper tape an ergonomic and plastic free choice: It provides for mono-material packaging solutions and is a more flexible and user friendly substitute for water activated tape.

For a more natural look it is available with brown backing and transparent adhesive (monta 841). For superior print quality choose our brown (monta 840) or pure white paper backing with white adhesive (monta 850).


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